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It’s true: almost everyone speaks English. But having a conversation is one thing; understanding creative, technical or informative texts is another. People always prefer their native language.

Did you know that in the US alone, 41 million people speak Spanish as their first language and another 12 million are bilingual Spanish speakers? The US has more Spanish speakers than Spain itself! (Source: US Census Bureau).

If you're interested in expanding your business, translation may be your go-to-market strategy.

My specializations include the following:

  • Certified/legal translations.
  • Technical translations for the IT field.
  • Business translations.
  • Marketing translations.
  • Education/training/e-learning translations.
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The word sounds cool but what does it mean? It’s a mixture of translation and copywriting, typical of the advertising world. It’s more than marketing translation... it’s about providing creative solutions to achieve a given effect.

Have you ever seen a film in which everyone laughs but the joke in the subtitles isn’t funny? Well, that’s because a complete adaptation is necessary to capture the essence of a joke in another language.

If you have a product or campaign that needs to reach new Spanish-speaking audiences, you’ll need a mixture of marketing content translation (“long copy”) and transcreation (“short copy”).

The following are some texts that would require a transcreation:

  • Idioms.
  • Slogans and taglines.
  • Branding materials.
  • Jokes and wordplay.
  • Country-specific phrases.
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In such a globalized world, localizing a multimedia product has become a rite of passage for most companies. It implies adapting the linguistic and cultural aspects of a website, app or software (date and time formats, currency units, colors, etc.) to a specific region or country (e.g. Spanish for Latin America vs. Spanish for Argentina).

The main reason why you need a localization expert is that technology plays an important role. An experienced localizer knows which elements from the programming code shouldn’t be touched. An inexperienced one may cause the software or website to stop functioning.

Since Spanish is the third most spoken language on the internet and the second one on social media (e.g. Twitter), why not make localization a “trending topic” in your company?

Join the leading brands and localize your multimedia products with the following:

  • Website localization.
  • Software localization.
  • App localization.
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Using videos is an essential part of any marketing strategy. You can use them on websites, social media, corporate environments... But did you know that including subtitles can have a powerful impact on their success?

People watch videos with captions even when they can understand the language: they improve comprehension, help the deaf or hard of hearing, and even those who feel like silencing their devices while scrolling through Facebook.

Your target audience will also appreciate your content more in their native language (and a dubbed adaptation is about 15 times more expensive). I can help you by using the right number of characters per line, adjusting the timing, and respecting other conventions with special software for these purposes.

Your company may use subtitles for the following:

  • Recorded webinars and talks.
  • Product explainers and documentary-like case studies.
  • Company culture videos and leadership interviews.
  • Stories to increase brand awareness.
  • Corporate training courses and how-to videos.
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As a businessperson, you already know how to deliver great products and services. But what if your copy is ineffective? I can help you close those deals. We’ll focus on your clients and the benefits you offer. I can make people think, feel, and act in a way that fits your purposes.

Failing to connect with your audience can become a barrier to success. Let’s create a buyer persona together! Your prospects will feel understood and cherished because you’ll talk about their pain points and how your products or services can change their lives.

Hundreds of businesses have already unlocked the power of copywriting. When you choose my services, you access my experience, my skills, and my full attention. Contact me before your competition does!

How I can help:

  • Direct response marketing.
  • Lead generation and email marketing.
  • Websites, sales pages, and blogs.
  • LinkedIn copywriting (profiles, posts and articles).
  • Social media posts and ads.
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Have you asked someone else to write or translate your texts? I’ll probably be jealous, but I’ll make sure your copy is spot-on.

Editing is about content, structure, and style. Your text needs to be clear, have the same tone, intent, and level of formality at all times.  I’ll focus on your audience and specific goals to exceed your expectations.

Once you’re happy with the text, I can start focusing on surface errors that a simple spell-check can’t detect. Through proofreading, I usually find mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

I usually revise the following texts:

  • Certified/legal documents.
  • Technical texts or strings for the IT field.
  • Corporate communications (HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, and Sales).
  • Persuasive copy for marketing purposes.
  • Education/training/e-learning material.

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