Case Study: Website Translation to Get More Clients

Client's localized website

Why Get Website Translation Services

As the founder of On Point Translation, Deepti felt she was losing potential clients by not having her website translated into Spanish by a native Spanish translator/localizer. It was important to her that the new copy sounded authentic, as if originally written in Spanish.

Worrying about the Spanish-speaker’s experience makes sense since there are +400 million Spanish speakers in the world. And, according to the 2016 Canadian census, there are 396,460 Spanish-speaking residents in Canada alone (her home country).

To resonate with her target audience (Spanish/Latin American companies), Deepti needed more than a literally-translated website. Using machine translation was never an option. If Google itself won’t trust machine translation for its own copy, why should she?

She hired me once more instead. As a trusted business partner since 2017 for translation and localization services, she knew she could trust me with her own website. This is what she had to say about that:

“We have worked together…

…in the past, and she has always delivered great results on time. She provided excellent service from start to finish, from asking questions to determine exactly what I wanted to following up on the translated product.”

DEEPTI LIMAYE //  Founder of On Point Translation

Solutions Included in the One-Page Website Translation Package

Buyer Persona

Market research to come up with a representation of the ideal client who would be reading the website.

Tone of Voice

Guide regarding the brand’s personality and style based on its core values, the text type, and the buyer persona.

Goal-Oriented Copy

Content translation that focuses on the benefits for the readers and makes them follow a clear call to action.

Tips and Tricks

Additional suggestions regarding gender-neutral options, the best text length, and other cultural considerations.

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